Welcome Reception
Kick-off your conference experience by mingling with attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

President’s Club and National Corporate Member Reception
A special event for members of the President’s Club and National Corporate Members, this exclusive reception showcases CAI’s biggest supporters.

Professional Community Association Managers Reception 
Open to all community association managers. This reception honors CAI’s PCAM credential recipients and welcomes new PCAM inductees.

Insurance Professionals Reception
Meet and mingle with Community Insurance and Risk Management Specialists and other professionals in the field. This is a great way to discuss the day’s sessions and build your professional network.

CAI Backyard Bash and Annual Awards Dinner 
Back by popular demand. Bring your dancing shoes, wear your festive party attire, and plan to stay all night. Featuring CAI annual awards, a DJ, delicious food, cocktails, backyard games, neighborhood fun, and one last chance to network.

Meetings & Exchanges

Business Partners Annual Meeting and Open Exchange 
Business partners only
Discover the value of your CAI Business Partner membership. The annual open exchange is a popular event where members share ideas, best practices, and find new strategies for connecting with target audiences through their CAI connections.

Community Managers Annual Meeting and Open Exchange 
Managers only
Join community managers—portfolio, on-site and large-scale—as well as management company executives for this best-practices roundtable. Learn how to overcome daily obstacles by sharing new ideas and real-world solutions.

Homeowner Annual Meeting and Open Exchange 
Community association volunteer leaders only
Join homeowner leaders from around the country and learn the insights and principles for leading a successful community association board. This interactive, informal exchange is the place to discover practical concepts you c​an implement in your community.

CAI Annual Membership Meeting 
Open to all registrants
Join CAI’s Chief Executive Officer, Tom Skiba, as he delivers the Institute’s financial report and details key initiatives and goals for 2020.

Exclusive Conference Community 

Join a special online conference community here. 

Coffee, Conversation, and Community 
Open to all Registrants

Begin each morning with coffee, conversation, and community. It's a great opportunity to connect with attendees, plan, and prepare for the day's activities. 


ShopTalk for Accountants
Discuss the latest and best association accounting practices in an informal setting. Interact with your fellow accountants as they get to the bottom of the bottom line.

ShopTalk for Attorneys
Get advice and swap anecdotes with your legal colleagues. You’ll benefit from the experiences of your peers in an informal setting where you can share perspectives and best practices.

ShopTalk for Bankers
Discuss new and existing banking services and how common-interest communities can use these products to their best advantage. You’ll gain up-to-date information you can use in your operations.

ShopTalk for Insurance and Risk Management Professionals
Don’t miss this opportunity to exchange information on industry practices and standards. Learn how others are addressing the situations you and your company face each day.

Shop Talk for Reserve Professionals
Discuss the latest trends in reserve practices and network with colleagues to discover how they are overcoming common challenges and serving their association clients.