Large-Scale Community Issues


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The Marketable Manager: People Don’t Buy What You Do. They Buy Why You Do It.

By incorporating traits and techniques covered during this presentation, managers will learn to be much more than the overseers of day-to-day operations of their community. They’ll learn how to be a leader both within the community they manage and the greater community. Participants will add value to their skillsets and become more marketable in their field.

Accountability, Delegation, and Risk: Troubleshooting Scenarios for HOA Boards

What does accountability really mean when it comes to how boards function? Is it even possible for boards to delegate effectively without micromanaging? After exploring some key principles and examples, session participants will learn how governance principles can bring accountability to life for boards, staff, and their communities. Using multiple scenarios, participants will apply these basic principles to troubleshoot sticky situations, clarify sources of conflict, and mitigate risk.

Think Ahead to Stay Ahead: Strategic Planning for Community Success

The strategic challenges in operating, governing, and maintaining facilities in our communities have never been more demanding nor more in need of a visionary plan. This session will explain the strategic planning process and how it directly affects your community. The ultimate goal is maximum resident satisfaction.

Renters Wanted: How to Boost Your Bottom Line with Short-Term Rentals

Do you need additional revenue for your budget? This session will show you how to work with your local government, tourism board, chamber of commerce, and your community to boost vacation rentals and activity sponsors.

Smart Living: How to Live Cooperatively with Ring, Echo, Nest, and Other Smart Technology

Homeowners are using cameras and wireless mesh systems for community and household safety. Ring, Echo, Nest, and so-called “smart” devices are impacting safety, personal privacy, and community-wide crime. How can you live cooperatively in this new connected world?