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Aging Infrastructure: Expect the Unexpected or Pay A Hefty Price

What common elements and structures do community associations most often overlook and end up costing residents thousands of dollars annually? Listen to the results from the newest project from the Foundation for Community Association Research, and learn how your community can expect the unexpected.

Lifesavers: Protecting the Most Vulnerable Residents in Your Community

HOAs and other nongovernmental organizations in the U.S. must take a leadership position in disaster planning to save lives. The efforts of local, state, and federal governments will break down and becomes useless if their plans do not reach and interface with residents of communities. HOAs can expedite lifesaving protocols. This is how.

Talking About Our Generations: Supporting, Motivating, and Leading Five Generations

For the first time in history, we have five generations in the workplace and actively living and participating in the communities we manage. How do you relate to each group to foster good collaboration and support their needs? Learn how to motivate and lead communities while growing from the strengths that each generation brings. Understand what role technology can and will play while working with these groups.

Workplace Violence: Recommendations and Resources to Protect Staff, Residents, and Guests

In the community association management industry, we deal with board members, residents, guests, and vendors who may be dealing with numerous stressors. They include mental health, physical health, community politics, finances, relationships, death of loved ones, and more. Managers have a duty to protect their communities. Learn about your role, responsibilities, identifiable behaviors, and actions you can take to secure your staff, residents, and guests prior to and during an act of workplace violence.