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The Exposition showcases the latest technologies, solutions, products, and services in one convenient marketplace. Because face-to-face interaction with product and service representatives is an invaluable aspect of attending the conference, conflict-free exhibit hours enable you to consult one-on-one with representatives of companies from across the country. Meet the leading vendors of the products and services you use every day and explore new offerings to meet specific needs within your communities.

The Expo will be open for three hours on June 11 and June 12. Exact times will be confirmed at a later date.



Reference our live Expo Hall Map to see where you can find exhibitors. 

Company Booth # Website Company ​Description
​Adaman Inc.

Management recruiting and consulting services​
​Addresses of Dis​tinction Street Signs & ​Mailboxes
​​Residential mailboxes and street signs
ADT Security 807 Security
​Advanced Technology Group Inc.


Community association management software​
Alliance Association Bank, a Division of Western Alliance Bank​ 512 Banking
Allied Property Group Inc. 1105 Community association management
​American Building Contractors Inc.

​​Insurance restoration
The A​merican Deposit Management Co 302 Cash deposit management
Angius & Terry LLP 111 www.a​ Construction defect attorneys
ANVA 214 Cloud-based attorney management software
​AppFolio Inc.

Community association management software
​Aquaguard LLC
​​Water heater safety valve
​​Community association management
Association Dues ​Assurance Corporation  200 Homeowner and condominium dues collections
​AssociationReady LL​C

Online document preparation and association collections​
Association Reserves Inc. 1007 Reserve studies
​Association Services ​Network

​​Vendor compliance program
​Asyst Data Group

Software development and data processing ​
AvidXchange  4​16 Automated bill payments
Ball Janik LLP​

​717 www​​
​​Construction defect attorneys
Bank-A-Count Corporation 414 Payment coupon books
​Bank OZK

BankUnited 1203 Banking
Barcode Automation Inc. 321 Automatic vehicle indentification
Bartlett Tree Experts 124 Scientific tree care
BB&T Association Services 900 Banking
Becker 908 Community association attorneys
BEHR & KILZ Paints & Primers 1015 Painting contractors
Best Roofing Roofing contractors
Blue Stream Communications 1311 TV and Internet services
BrightView Landscapes 1204 Landscape maintenance and design
Community association management software​
​​Resident and management engagement
​Cambridge Security Services Inc.
Castle Group 1120 Community association management
Centennial Bank 1107​ Banking
​CenterState Bank

​816​​ ​Banking
CertaPro Painters​ 404 Painting contractors
Chetu Inc. 1116 Software development and support
​CINC Capital LLC

Business acquisition financing​
CINC Systems 801 Accounting and community association management software
​CIT – Community Association Banking Division

​501​ ​​Banking
City National Bank 504​ Banking

Billing and payment solutions​
​Cogent Bank
Cohen Law Group 203 Law practice
Communications ​Consulting Group Inc.
In-house telecommunications experts
Community Association Insurance Sol​utions LLC 307​m Insurance
​Community Controls

Remote transmitters and access cards​
CommunityPLUS​, A Division of North State Bank  805  Banking
CondoCerts​ 505 Resale and lending ordering system
​Condo Control Central

Communication and tracking system for condos
Cooperator 615 Publications & Tradeshows
​Criterium Engineers

Residential and commercial engineering

​Electronic document recording​
DMA Reserves 617 Reserve management

EmpireWorks ​Reconstruction and Painting 704 Reconstruction and painting 
​Empowered HOA

Cloud-based HOA management software​
Enterprise Risk Control Customized risk transfer solutions 1103 Revenue management system
Facilities Advisors International LLC 721​ Reserve studies
FHA Review 1121 VA and FHA condo approval process service
Fifth Third Bank 907 Banking


​​ ​Street signs & mailboxes
FRONTSTEPS 401 Community management software
​Gama Sonic Solar Lighting

Residential and commerical solar lighting
​​Security services
Genevation Inc. 1410 HOA software consulting and community websites
GetQuorum 1104 Electronic proxy, voting and notice distribution service
GIG Insurance Group Inc. 621​ Insurance
HireSmart Virtual Assistants 406 Full-time virtual personal assistants
HOALife 1101 CC&R enforcement 300 Online data and document delivery
Ian H. Graham Insurance 201 Insurance
The Inspectors of Election LLC​ 821 HOA elections and online voting
​J.R. Fraser

​​Reserve studies
LiftMaster​ 417​atesafety Entry systems, gate operators, and cloud-based access management software 

​​Secure voting solutions
MBAF, CPAS & Advisors Condominium and Association Division 1305 Auditing and accounting for condominiums and associations
​Community association law​
McMahon Community Consultants 1215 Construction and architecture consulting services
Mettauer Environmental Inc. 1118 Environmental services
M.G. Skinner & Associates 1016 Insurance


​Vendor management system
Nabr Network 521 Communication tool for homeowner associations
​National Cooperative Bank

Newman & Associates, CPA 405 Accounting services
Northstar Community Management Software 815 Community association management software

​​Package tracking software
​O&S Associates​ Inc.
​Engineers and Architects
​Pacific Premier ​HOA & Property Banking
​1307 ​​​
PayHOA LLC 809 Electronic dues payments
PayLease LLC 301 ww​ Electronic payment and collections
Pecora Corporation 1321 Architectural waterproofing
Pilera Software 1115 Community association management software
Pioneer Roofing Company 205 Roofing services
Play & Park Structures 1106 Commercial playgrounds and recreational equipment
Popular Association Banking 707 Banking
​Preferred Propert​y Program


​​​ ​Insurance
Property Guard 1221 Short-term rental alert system
RealManage 202 Community association management
The Recreational Group 915 Recreational surfacing solutions
RESCON Restoration and Construction 305 Emergency services and reconstruction
Reserve Advisors LLC 6​05 Reserve studies
Restoration Affiliates LLC


​​ ​Emergency services and reconstruction
Safe Communities LLC 315 Vendor ID program

​​Re-pipe and pipe replacement
Seacoast Commerce Bank 215 Banking
​SenEarthCo Inc.​
​​Community association management software
​​Community association management software
Smartwebs 715 Violations software

Payment books, billing statements and newsletters​
St. Moritz Security Services Inc.  705 Security
Strategic Reserves 421 Reserve studies 318 Monitor system of short-term rental sites
​Think Utility Services

Re-piping and water consumption solution​
TOPS Software LLC 517 www.t​ Community association management and accounting software

App for social and administrative aspects of community association living​
​Traffic Logix
Traffic calming solutions​
​U.S. Aqua Vac Inc.
Nationwide lake and pond cleaning​
U.S. Bank​ 1001 Banking
​U.S. Century Bank

Un​ion Bank Homeowners Association Services 601 Banking
​United Claims Specialists


​Public Adjusters
Vantaca LLC​ 516 Community association ​management software
​Vendor Information Verification Experts, VIVE

Vendor compliance, management and bidding site​
VendorSmart 2​07 Compliance and vendor management and Resale documents ordering
​Veritex Community Bank

Village Management Software​ 206 Accounting and community management software

Network cameras and cloud-based surveillance​
Vote HOA Now​

​​Online voting system LLC 919 Electronic and traditional voting system
The Water Restoration Group 407 Property damage restoration
WelcomeLink  701 Internet-based services and publications
Whitlehall Products​

​Personalized plaques and signs
Yardi Systems Inc.
Community management software
Yellowstone Landscape 1220 Landscape maintenance and design


Management software 
Internet products & websites 
Banking services 
Security systems & services
Legal services 
Reserve study providers & collections & software 
Pipe restoration 

Roofing, siding & paving
Landscaping services 
Building materials
Pool liners & products 
Outdoor/pool/patio furniture
Mail boxes & signs