Continuing Education

Enhance Your Career with CAI Credentials

Advance your career by pursuing learning opportunities and earning professional credentials. Managers who take advantage of educational programs and earn and maintain designations earn more money, receive more opportunities, and excel further than competitors in the professional community association management field.

One professional management development course, the PCAM Case Study, and the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) exam, are offered in conjunction with the conference. Register for one of these pre-conference learning opportunities to earn career-enhancing CAI designations and take your career to the next level. Attend the full conference and a course, and you’ll save $50 off the registration fee. You earn education credits for your certification and designation. See the hours provided below. 

Continuing Education

Earn Credits

Continuing education credits for professional certifications and redesignations are awarded for attendance at the Annual Conference. Visit for more information.

CMCA: 1 day=6 hours; 2 days = 12 hours; 3 days=15 hours

CMCA is administered by CAMICB (

PCAM: Annual Conference attendance = 10 points

Annual Conference attendance earns 10 points for the PCAM application and satisfies continuing education requirements for PCAM redesignation.

: 1 day=6 hours; 2 days=12 hours; 3 days=15 hours

LSM: Annual Conference attendance earns 10 points for the LSM application;
LSM redesignation requires attending at least one Annual Conference every six years to earn 15 points.

CIRMS: Annual Conference = 10 points

Annual Conference attendance earns 10 points for the CIRMS application and 10 points for CIRMS renewal.

M-400: Contemporary Issues in Community Association Management (Mon)

PCAM Case Study (Mon-Tues)

CMCA Exam (Wed)