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Lawful but Awful: Troubleshooting Negative Reactions to Common Community Topics

In this session, you’ll review common mistakes that community association managers and boards make that attract negative public media attention to learn why it’s important to think twice before taking action. Topics include Fair Housing Act compliance and other accommodation requests, social media posts, and conflict resolution.

How to Keep Legal Fees Down & Property Values Up

Discover the best ways community association managers can work with association boards and attorneys to manage and maintain low legal costs while keeping community residents and homeowners satisfied with property values. You’ll hear from knowledgeable experts on the latest cost-saving methods and tried-and-true solutions.

Hot Topics and Trends in Community Association Law

Explore current legal trends facing community associations and what managers, board members, and attorneys need to know to help their community association clients navigate sensitive topics. Presented by the College of Community Association Lawyers.

Directors and Officers Insurance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of D&O Claims

Join a panel of insurance experts to learn current trends in the ever-expanding world of directors and officers (D&O) insurance claims. Explore the most common reasons for filing D&O claims and best practices for how community associations handle and recover from them.

Creating & Enforcing Rules: Adopting Regulations that Work

Increased regulations for Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance impacts community association rules. Learn how to modify existing rules to comply with recent rulings that address harassment between residents, and the rule-enforcement roles that managers and association boards must play to keep community harmony.

Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult Homeowners

Join an interactive session to examine conflict resolution and how to deal with difficult homeowners. Through real-life accounts, you’ll learn advanced strategies that help you avoid conflict, tips for handling conflict, and advice on identifying and addressing different types of difficult personalities in a conflict situation.

Securing Adequate Community Association Reserves

Most community association governing documents require a board to set aside “adequate” reserves—but how much is enough? Learn the definition of adequate reserves, how to determine the amount of reserves required for your community, and get clarity on common misconceptions about reserve calculation methods.

Social Media: Community Association Friend or Foe?

As social media usage increases, so do the risks for community associations. Explore how associations are using social media platforms, review common laws governing social media use and association vulnerabilities, and learn strategies and sample policies for social media use in your association.

How to Safely Implement New Association Technology

Learn how new community association technology can help—and hurt—the associations you manage. Explore the latest technology and software trends, how to introduce them safely to your community, and how to avoid misuse and potential association liability.

Navigating Unique Challenges Facing an Aging Resident Population

Aging in place in community association comes with a host of unique considerations and challenges for residents, board members, and managers. Learn how to recognize and navigate specific issues with aging populations from multigenerational perspectives.