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Technology: How to Meet Homeowner Expectations

New technology trends like increased social media, mobile payments, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are revolutionizing how management companies and association boards conduct business. Explore new ways to get ahead of technology that impacts the evolution of homeowner expectations and how to meet their needs.

Social Media: Community Association Friend or Foe?

As social media usage increases, so do the risks for community associations. Explore how associations are using social media platforms, review common laws governing social media use and association vulnerabilities, and learn strategies and sample policies for social media use in your association.

How to Safely Implement New Association Technology

Learn how new community association technology can help—and hurt—the associations you manage. Explore the latest technology and software trends, how to introduce them safely to your community, and how to avoid misuse and potential association liability.

Improving the HOA Narrative

Discover ways to change the negative narrative surrounding the perception of homeowners associations and condominiums, and get suggestions for how you and your community can build a positive image, increase a sense of community, and engender community spirit among homeowners and residents.