Large-Scale Community Issues


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Investment Concepts: Creating a Financially Secure Future

Learn how to create a funding plan and use assets that can be collateralized, funded, and invested. Explore large-scale manager strategies for borrowing, raising funds, investing, and minimizing tax liability, and learn best practices for financial controls.

Human Resources for Managers: Making Successful Operations Part of Your Future

Best practices in human resources ensure efficiency for seasonal help, food and beverage, unions, and large staffs. Discover solutions for workforce housing issues, staffing needs, and national and local impact on salaries, benefits, and behavior regulation laws.

Security Services: Is a Radar Gun Enough?

Many communities benefit from contract and in-house security services, including vehicle and foot patrols, on-site offices and guard stations, and observe and report activity. Learn how to determine whether to employ armed patrols and how case law and insurance impacts the decision.

Strategic Planning in a Complex World: Enhancing Stakeholder Satisfaction

Strategic planning fulfills an organization’s mission and maintains community value. Explore the role and process of strategic planning and its pitfalls, benefits, and challenges, and how policy governance, collaboration, cooperation, and coordinated efforts create a strategic plan for success.

Earthquakes, Fires, & Mudslides: How to Deal with the Aftermath

Communities that experience natural and man-made disasters deal with digging out, cleaning up, and working with municipalities. Discover ways to tackle the emotional aftermath of managing resident losses and providing access while protecting personal and private property.

Case Study: Operating a Large-Scale, Mixed-Use Community

Examine a case study on a mixed-use community and how businesses and residents support each other’s amenities, customer service, and communication. Learn how each party interweaves lifestyle and commercial interests, with a focus on best practices and unique challenges.