Business Practices


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Get Your Head Straight: Achieve Breakthrough Professionalism

In the community association business, the daily volume of emails, phone calls, and texts can feel overwhelming and hinder productivity—but it’s possible to take control of your day and accomplish more than you think you can. Learn the tips, tricks, and techniques for managers to tackle daily tasks and challenges efficiently, effectively, and professionally.

Millennials: The New Face of Community Management

As millennials enter the workforce and baby boomers retire from the community association management industry, we need to learn what they expect from community association management companies and managers. Find out how to attract and retain top millennial talent, navigate generational differences, and anticipate changes to our industry.

Technology: How to Meet Homeowner Expectations

New technology trends like increased social media, mobile payments, the Internet of Things (IoT), are revolutionizing how management companies and association boards conduct business. Explore new ways to get ahead of technology that impacts the evolution of homeowner expectations and how to meet their needs.

Lawful but Awful: Troubleshooting Negative Reactions to Common Community Topics

In this session, you’ll review common mistakes that community association managers and boards make that attract negative public media attention to learn why it’s important to think twice before taking action. Topics include Fair Housing Act compliance and other accommodation requests, social media posts, and conflict resolution.

How to Keep Legal Fees Down & Property Values Up

Discover the best ways community association managers can work with association boards and attorneys to manage and maintain low legal costs while keeping community residents and homeowners satisfied with property values. You’ll hear from knowledgeable experts on the latest cost-saving methods and tried and true solutions.

Stress Fractures: Rebuilding Financial & Structural Stability

Discover what community association board members and managers can do to rebuild communities impacted by the 2008 housing recession. Learn how to combat financial and structural challenges like deferred maintenance, assessment collection, and construction defects, and how to develop preventative resources in the event of another crisis.

Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult Homeowners

Join an interactive session to examine conflict resolution and how to deal with difficult homeowners. Through real-life accounts, you’ll learn advanced strategies that help you avoid conflict, tips for handling conflict, and advice on identifying and addressing different types of difficult personalities in a conflict situation.

Make a Difference: Inspiring Positive Community Transformations

In today’s world, organizations and communities must improve, innovate, adapt, advance, and transform to remain vital and successful. Gain insight on the art, science, and best practices for any change initiative—whether you’re reorganizing your workforce or proposing a special assessment.

Securing Adequate Community Association Reserves

Most community association governing documents require a board to set aside “adequate” reserves—but how much is enough? Learn the definition of adequate reserves, how to determine the amount of reserves required for your community, and get clarity on common misconceptions about reserve calculation methods.

Reinventing the Reserve Study Process

Explore how a group of reserve study professionals reinvented the reserve study process to achieve uniformity of reserve study reports, standardization of calculations, and uniformity of reserve activity. Learn how to adopt a reserve management plan for your community association through the latest tools and processes available. 

Key Concepts for Finding, Hiring, Training, and Engaging New Employees

In today’s modern workforce, millennials are leading charge for change. Learn new ways your management company can appeal to a younger generation, accommodate a more fluid workforce, update staffing processes, and promote a desirable place to work.

Professional Follow Through: Promise Only What You Can Deliver 

Learn how to keep your workplace promises by setting realistic goals and deliverables for colleagues, supervisors, and clients. Explore new time management and expectation strategies to help you meet deadlines, brainstorm new ideas, increase sales, and collaborate with your team.

Millennials: It’s Not Them, It’s Us

We want to attract, inspire, and retain millennials in our workforce, but our approach may fail to address the most significant issue they face: a dire economic reality. By better understanding a day in the life of a millennial outside of work, we can help increase their professional success.

Attract & Retain Top Talent in Today’s Tech-Driven World

Legacy employment is a thing of the past. Today’s talent is motivated, driven, and unafraid to seize a better opportunity. Learn about community association management trends in recruitment, modern tools to keep talent motivated, and best practices for finding and retaining top performers.

Improving the HOA Narrative

Discover ways to change the negative narrative surrounding the perception of homeowners associations and condominiums, and get suggestions for how you and your community can build a positive image, increase a sense of community, and engender community spirit among homeowners and residents. 

The Power of Community Service

It can be difficult to quantify a return on investment for charity and service projects. Learn how to get buy-in and volunteers for charitable events and projects, demonstrate the positive impact of volunteerism on morale, and tips for launching your first company-sponsored service project.