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5 Steps To Write A Productive Critical Thinking Essay

What Is A Critical Thinking Essay?

Critical thinking essays help students to grow analytical skills while setting up a powerful discussion. Contradicting narrative or descriptive essays, this literary work allows you to present your own ideas on a particular subject or work such as research paper, book, scholarly text, a movie, painting, or an article.

Teachers normally assign these essays but every student is not ready to write it especially when they are not familiar with writing. 

Plus students who serve part-time or involved in other academic jobs find it tough to write this essay as it demands a lot of time to think and write. Well, in this case, students often prefer essay writing services to get the job done.

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To write an appealing critical thinking essay, you require to acknowledge these points:

Create A Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is the major claim that you’re going to address and it works as the foundation of your essay. 

Therefore, make a powerful thesis that is debatable. The productive thesis statement should explain the focal points of your essay and claim a debatable argument. It should offer thorough details as it is not enough to claim whether something is good or bad, you need to express the reasons.

Do not assert tangible facts or your personal opinion in a thesis statement. You should state your argument that is able is braced by pieces of evidence. 

Make An Outline

You can benefit yourself by making an outline of the structure and ideas of the essay. It is totally up to you, how much lengthy outline you make. Do add all the key points and ideas but remember that you’ll need to include everything that you put on the list of an outline. 

You can select different college essay examples for your outline: a Roman numeral, Arabic, letter, etc or you can even go with the informal ones. At this stage, you just make points for yourself and to analyze your ideas.

Write An Effective Opening Line

Make sure that your first line invites your readers and engage in your essay. It should look fit for your essay. The introduction should reveal your idea and opinion clearly. Write the very first or primary paragraph of your essay really effectively so that it could clutch your audience’s attention.

You should start your paragraph with an interesting fact, statistics, anecdote, or captivating question. Avoid using banality.

Write The Main Body 

Use the dominant body of your literature to brace your thesis or argument. Assign each paragraph to a piece of evidence in the esteem of your point. Your discussion should revolve around your argument and point of view. 

Avoid going into the depths of irrelevant points or those that do not need more elaboration.


You need to re-state your thesis statement here by using different words. Sum up all your ideas, opinions, and arguments and at the end of your paragraph, and give a concluding sentence. 

This phase can help you impress your audience by your way of concluding all the things and forming a structure that may open doors to further research and can be helpful for the future. Avoid introducing anything new that you have not mentioned in your essay earlier. 


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