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Musings of a new president

By Paulla Marie Fetzek posted 11-07-2020 16:54

Today marks nearly one month since I was nominated president of my condo building.

It also marks nearly one month that I've been repeatedly stressed and worried.  I've had many rough nights.  Waking up at 2:30 am in a funk.

A month of asking myself more than once, "What in the name of God was I thinking?  Why did I agree to do this?"

I have no shame in admitting - I am VERY unknowledgeable when it comes to this position.  I've only been living in my condo for 8 months!  While I'm not a total noob to "home" living - I AM new to home living in a home OF MY OWN.  So imagine me... learning about my own home... and in addition having to learn about the ENTIRE building my condo is in as well?!

I've received fantastic feedback from others here in CAI.  I'm taking at least one of the courses offered here.  I'm pressing to meet with the president of our Master Board.

There is SO MUCH I have to learn.  Some have already told me, "Oh, don't worry... you'll figure things out as you go along."  While I don't doubt this is true to some extent... I certainly don't intend it to be the ONLY thing I learn on!

Until next time...



12-23-2020 10:26

Good luck! At least I had 3 1/2 years on the board before the presidency was thrust upon me!
I have found one of our biggest issues is communication. I try to send a monthly email to homeowners, updating them on what’s going on in the community.
You will learn a lot as you go along. I hope you have board support and a great site manager!!!
Best of luck!!!

11-20-2020 08:09

It can definitely be a trial by fire
So long as you do your best and act in the best interest of the community, you have nothing to fear!
You have the CAI community and your board for support
Keep it up!