05-02-2022 10:26 AM

Spring and the Weeds are back:

Just to let you know more on fertilizer that we use:

  Our fertilizer is one step/One App. annual fertilizer with a harden poly coat that releases small portion of fertilizer all year long.

  -This minimizes surge growth

  - Able to maintain a dark green color over the hot summer temperatures due to the slow-release fertilizer.

  -This aids in root development then top growth.

  -Only one time on property to minimize resident's concern

  -This is less evasive them being on the turf four or five times a year.


As for them pre-emergent:

We still have ample time to apply this and still get a control and minimize concerns.  This is also applied and part of the One Application process.

The weeds control that we use has a very wide spectrum and a long-term control on weeds.  We are the only ones to use this technology and we have had superior results on all of our turf care.

03-01-2022 02:01 PM

So many things happening,  Why?, Spring 2022 will be here soon and we are preparing for it.

               Madri Gras, Saint Patrick’s day, Day light saving and more:

Check out our 2022 website, you will soon see our credential at work



I’m taking another opportunity to keep us in front of you.  Take advantage of spring savings and get these RFP behind you. 

Remember the winter has been harsh and Jack Frost is not the cleanest; Lets us assist on cleaning up the trash and mess left behind. This is the month to set the stage for a clean property.


In addition, let us come out and do a site walk to set the momentum to be the “Flag Ship” property in your area and color up.  If it’s a 2022 maintenance proposal, turf care/repairs to tree pruning/removal let us be part of the transformation. Don’t forget, concrete/driveway repairs, parking lot striping and regenerating new life into brick/sidewalk.


Let’s take this to the next level, Hope to hear from you soon:




Michael J. Prescott Ret. Colonel, ARMY

12-16-2021 10:46 AM

Happy Holidays to all.
Yes, we are in the winter season, NO snow yet.  It will get here soon.
Are you prepared? 
A quick note: Melting products is the subject:  These will all melt at snow and ice.  The variables of how and when to use to maximize the effectiveness is a wide spectrum. In addition, the cost for each individual product or a mix of these very.  If you have question or want addition information on this subject, contact me and we can dive deeper into the subject.
Sodium Chloride   
Magnesium Chloride
Potassium Chloride
Calcium Chloride    

10-23-2021 02:06 PM

Welcome to Fall 2022.
What does that mean,  YES  COLD and shorter days.  Besides that Lets prepare

Snow Contracts
Fall pruning, Trees and Landscape beds.
Irrigation Turf off,  Winterize the RPZ
Turf Aeration
Last round of Fertilizer 
Last Mowing of the season
Snow Equipment, snow blowers, plows and more.
This is the best part:...We at Balanced Environments Inc. can do that all for you.
Give us a call and use PROMO code CAI COL 06  and tell them I sent you and save:

09-10-2021 01:23 PM

Here's a blog on what to look for and necessary fall lawn care tips!

08-18-2021 01:28 PM

Nut Sedge and Crabgrass,  Yes.  It must be Summer.  There are ways to control them. Preferred earlier then later as they can cause a long term damage to grass.

08-03-2021 02:06 PM

Well Hello, thanks for taking a look, So what is new?
Summer,  Humidity, and turf complications

What to look for,
RUST,  easily seen on shoes when you walk on the turf.  Not to damaging to turf but can become a visual pain.  Some Blue grass varieties can be more susceptible to RUST. Pending comfort levels, a light fertilizations, a multi-fungicide every 14 days to eliminate this and other turf fungi problems.
DRY TURF  turf might look dead and will not recover;  if you maintain some watering to keep the "crown" of the leaf blade moist it will recover.  Wait till September when temps are lower to make any decision on fall reseeding.
WEEDS, yes they are out,  This time is when they are "actively" growing . This the best time to get ahead of them with a post emergent herbicide.  If they are left alone they tend to drop seedlings and multiply for the next round.  In addition, this time of the year crabgrass, nut sedge grasses and Thistle grow large.  Recommended an application to eradicate the aggressive weed/grass until the density is fully under control..  Let Balanced Environments, Inc. be part of the solutions.  Give us a call. That's all for now,  Any questions?

06-22-2021 04:11 PM

Here we go, Summer,,,, Protect your property and investment!
What are we in for?  What to look for and how to prepare and recover.

      Our northern turf region is blue grass, Perennial rye grass and fine fescue.
With Hot and Humid condition will cause havoc on the Blue Grass because it is a cool season grass.  
To combat these conditions you have to take an informed approach:
-Properly use slow release fertilizer
-Grub Control (Preventative) or Identify early (Curative)
-Identify Fungus early 
-Identify Insect damage early
-Proper Cultural turf practice; Mowing height
-Proper Moisture Control, Irrigation or not,

That's it for now, share your story and lets fix it

06-03-2021 02:51 PM

Summer is here,
Be on the look out for turf insect damage, What ever you perceived time is the insects have about a 30 day head start.  In addition to turf, trees and vegetation complication from just not insect but disease are a head of the pack. 
What problems are you seeing in the Chicago area?  Take care, be safe

05-04-2021 12:30 PM

Spring is here:  Weeds and green grass:  Yes, all part of the season.  What other problem are your having?

03-30-2021 09:48 AM

A Perfect Scenario for a banner outbreak.

2021 is setting up to be a banner grub infestation year!! 1978 was the last year this scenario happened.

-They are eating early and will lay their legs earlier than expected!

-Don’t wait until after the damage is done late this summer

Mild Winter, Minimal frost levels, Heavy snow insulation level. Signs of early infestation; Rodent damage is unusually more noticeable, Skunks & Raccoons tearing up turf early, Massive amounts of birds feeding in a confined area.

REMEMBER that Grubs in the adult phase fly around to search for a healthy turf to lay eggs to feed next season. The beetles show up from early to mid-summer during which time they lay their eggs.

The new set of grubs that hatch from those eggs starts destroying your lawn immediately. As winter approaches, they burrow deeper into the soil to protect themselves from the cold frost layer.

When spring arrives, they awaken and resume eating the roots of grass before they turn into pupae. We anticipate that their 2021 process has already begun.