FY 2024 Budget Development Considerations

By Catherine Fulkerson posted 04-04-2023 10:27 AM

It is time to begin thinking about budget development for FY 2024. Consider setting aside dollars for activities that enhance your board’s decision-making processes and elevate staff performance as well as team cohesion:
Governance – Budget Development Considerations
• Identify Strategic Priorities for the Coming Year –Focus governance and organizational activities on mission critical items.
• Set Capital Improvement Priorities – Make a plan to address need facility and amenity updates.
• Conduct a Community Survey – Learn about member/client needs and satisfaction with the services you provide.
• Review Your Governing Documents – Check your bylaws and administrative/policy resolution alignment with current decision-making practices. 
Operational – Budget Development Considerations
• Schedule Professional Development Training – Seek opportunities to obtain certifications and continuing education to grow and keep staff current.
• Plan Quarterly In-House Lunch’ N Learn Sessions – Host facilitated team building to establish shared operational priorities.
• Improve Technology – Upgrade outdated hardware and applications to Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.