Useful templates for HOA managers

By Brian Bosscher posted 02-17-2022 14:36


Efficiency has been and continues to be a top priority for property and community managers. According to a notable property management industry report, efficiency matters because associations expect property managers to perform more services in the same amount of time.

Interestingly, while it is still very high on the list for about 1/4 of managers, fewer see it as a primary concern today. In 2017, 49% of managers were trying to prioritize efficiency. Now, only about 25% are.     

It’s not that these professionals don’t care about working smarter. The more likely explanation for this decline is that community managers have found solutions to help them operate more efficiently.

Premade templates are one affordable and practical tool that managers can use to be more productive. Instead of having to write up the same violations multiple times, put each monthly newsletter together from scratch, open up a fresh spreadsheet for the annual budget… well, you get the idea. Templates allow you to maintain uniformity and make small changes as needed. They save you a lot of time and help create more consistency too.

Templates aren’t just for community managers; they can be shared with board members and owners as well. Below are some of the most useful templates for HOA managers. You can find more free, downloadable templates here.


Welcome letter

What better way to make new owners feel welcomed than sending them a welcome packet. This collection of documents contains CC&Rs, important email addresses and phone numbers, information about garbage collection, how to book amenities, and anything else a new owner would want to know. The first item in an HOA welcome packet is usually a welcome letter. Since this document is designed to be warm and friendly, it can be light, colorful and attractive. Keep a template on file so that you always have it ready to go.  



Perhaps you’re new to the business and are still unfamiliar with what a good set of CC&Rs looks like. While HOAs should already have these documents in place, rules and bylaws do need to be updated and changed from time to time. A good template allows you to see items that may be missing from your association’s documents.  



Newsletters are an excellent way to share the HOA’s most important messages, but they can take a lot of time to assemble. A newsletter template keeps things consistent and concise. The nice thing about a digital newsletter template is that you can attach it to emails instead of having to print out and distribute physical copies. 


Violation letter

A violation letter is meant to inform owners of a violation committed, and the steps required to remedy the issue. It is possible to create a few different violation templates for different infractions. This way, you only need to change a few details when violations occur instead of writing letters from scratch.


Annual budget

Tracking numbers is tough if you don’t stay on top of it, but there’s little room for error in something as significant as an annual budget. Having an annual budget template available ensures that categories and numbers are calculated the exact same way year after year. So, even when a new board takes over, there’s little confusion about how annual budgets were calculated.


HOA management software

In addition to implementing time-saving processes such as premade templates, property managers have also turned to technology to enhance efficiencies. HOA management software automates repetitive tasks and systemizes processes to save community managers hours of time. Software allows them to focus their efforts on what they do best: provide exceptional customer service and maintain the value and integrity of HOA communities.