Ms. Victoria Cohen

Vista Del Cerro Townhomes Homeowners Association

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Vista Del Cerro Townhomes Homeowners Association
PRIMARY: 619 8385759

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I assist people living in Homeowner Associations (HOAs) learn about their Rights, Responsibilities, and Limitations of living in a common interest development (CID) by providing an environment where board members and homeowners can learn how to govern their communities with respect, compassion, and due process.


MEETING CHAIRPERSON: Using simplified parliamentary procedure, I lead (chair) homeowner association board meetings. Through this methodology, I simultaneously train the board president, community manager, board members, and homeowners, how to conduct a productive and polite meeting.
OUTCOME: Shorter meeting time; completion of agenda items, and transparency.

MEETING MINUTES - On Site or Virtual (California only)
Bringing greater transparency to the actions of the Board of Directors through accurate, concise, and non-biased meeting minutes.

MEETING MANAGEMENT: Using simplified parliamentary procedure, I teach Boards and Members how to conduct better meetings.

Enterprise level Business Process Management (BPM), Quality Management Systems (QMS), ISO, ITIL, and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) process improvement specialist. Proven ability to work with subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop processes, procedures, and work instructions for inclusion in a Knowledge Management database.

Experienced in preforming process flow analysis to identify obstacles and bottlenecks; working with the SMEs and Stakeholders to identify options for improvement and implementation of continual service improvement (CSI).


Coleman University
San Diego, California, United States
B.S. Computer Engineering and Networking Technology, 2005
Information Technology

Job History

Victoria Cohen Consulting
July 2007 - present

HP Enterprise Services
System Administrator; Special Projects; QMS, ITIL, ISO 9001
San Diego, CA, United States
June 2003 - June 2015